Excellent Teaching Quality

  • Small class sizes, attentive staff, student diversity, teacher-student ratio of 1:8

  • All instructors are certified teachers, 60% of them possess a Master's degree or higher

  • In addition to its physical classes, PAC offers online and virtual remote learning programs and classes

  • After-school tutoring programs and one-on-one counseling to assist international students transitioning to Canadian education

Diversified After-School Program

  • PAC offers students the chance to see cultural events in Canada and local community activities, as well as watch sports and tour the most famous attractions of the city.

  • Basketball, volleyball, soccer, and badminton are among PAC's most popular sports teams

Excellent Location

  • PAC is located in the Greater Toronto Area

  • Diverse cultures and many Canadian tourist attractions

  • PAC is located near the University of Toronto, a renowned Canadian university 

toronto private high school

High University Admission Rates

  • 99% of graduates entered universities and 96% of them attended the top 10 Canadian universities

  • Students are eligible to apply to numerous universities in both North America and Europe. Students are free to select the university of their choice


Toronto is a beautiful and bustling city on the shores of Lake Ontario. Located in the province of Ontario, it is Canada's largest city and the Capital of the state. Known for its excellent shopping, beautiful parks and beaches, thriving sports culture, and vibrant arts and entertainment scene, the city has a lot to offer. Toronto is an exceptional city in which to live, work, study, and make a career, as well as having a very multicultural population.


Toronto is a centre of business, finance, arts, and culture, and is recognized as one of the world's most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities. This big city offers a wide variety of great opportunities to students from all backgrounds. Toronto offers students a lot of amazing opportunities for creative work, from internships to jobs. Many schools publish newspapers, have radio stations, and have student blogs that you can get involved with and grow with experience. Toronto is also the home of the world-famous University of Toronto (UofT).