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Personal Study Plan for Every Single Student

At PAC, we recognize that students differ in their learning capabilities, learning speed and style. We believe the best way to help students achieve their full academic potential is to create an educational program that is tailored to their individual learning needs.

The Personal Study Plan will include the following:

  • The course to study to meet their personal interests, university and career goals

  • The suitable course load in each semester

  • The appropriate grade level for each course

  • The duration and pace for their entire academic program

  • The target marks needed to get admission to the desired program of their selected universities

Our teacher will continue to follow the student's academic performance throughout the semesters and adjust the study plan accordingly. This ensures that the courses students enrolled in the upcoming semesters will continue to be relevant to their future goals in case they modify their career choice, develop new interests, or need to repeat a course. PAC hopes to help every single student to find their right way.


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Secondary School Program

Grade 9 - 12

English as a Second Language

All Age

Ontario Secondary School System


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