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Personal Study Plan for Every Single Student

At PAC, we recognize that students have different learning abilities, learning styles, and learning speeds. Our goal is to help students achieve their full academic potential by creating an educational program that meets their individual learning needs.

The Personal Study Plan will include the following:

  • The courses that match their interests, academic and career goals in university

  • The appropriate course load for each semester

  • The appropriate grade level for each course

  • The duration and pace of their entire academic program

  • The requirements for admission to their chosen universities

Throughout the semesters, the teacher will monitor the student's academic progress and adjust the study plan accordingly. This assures that the courses students enroll in in the upcoming semesters are relevant to their future goals, should they modify their career choice, develop new interests, or need to repeat a course. PAC hopes to assist every student in finding their right path.


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