History in Education

  • Our long history in education has created a professional education brand

  • High quality educational system that is registered and supervised by the Ontario Ministry of Education (Registration number BSID#885415)

Excellent Facilities

  • One of Ontario's reputable private secondary school

  • All classrooms are equipped with advanced teaching equipment

Excellent Teaching Quality

  • School is managed by Canadian education specialists

  • All instructors are certified teachers, 60% of them possess a Master's degree or higher

  • In addition to its physical classes, PAC offers online and virtual remote learning programs and classes

  • After-school tutoring programs and one-on-one counseling to assist international students transitioning to Canadian education

  • Students have the option of earning their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) online from the comfort of their own homes 

Accommodation for International Students

  • PAC maintains a long-standing cooperative relationship with the homestay organizations which are approved by the Ministry of Education in Ontario. We help international students arrange a comfortable living environment in the school neighborhood where they can get safe housing and meals.

Attentive Student Services

  • Apply for and extend student Visas

  • Airport pick up

  • Guidance for new students

  • Accommodation arrangement

  • Medical insurance

  • Assisting student to open bank account

  • Assisting student to apply for a Toronto library card

  • Multilingual language students services

Convenient Admission

  • Enrollment is easier to customize as we have four different enrollment periods to maximize the needs of international students

  • The school follows a semester-system with two semesters and two summer sessions per school year

  • PAC offers ESL courses that students may enroll in at any time

  • International students may complete their academic studies at any time during the year and to be ready for universities

Enjoy the Multicultural Environment

  • In addition to local high school students from Canada, there are international students from over 30 countries, including, but not limited to, Iran, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, India, Africa, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, and Middle East countries.

Excellent Location

  • Princeton Academy of Canada is located in the Greater Toronto Area, the home of the renowned Canadian university 

  • Diverse cultures and many historic tourist attractions

Excellent University Admission Rate

  • 100% of graduates enter universities; 96% enrolled in the top 10 Canadian universities