Education System at PAC

Our certified and experienced teachers are responsible for:

  • Identifying student learning needs

  • Planning and delivering instruction based on student learning needs and special needs

  • Providing a stimulating learning environment where students can grow and develop

  • Helping students acquire appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes


Our classes vary in size and are made up of students who represent a broad range of abilities, interests, needs and diversities. Our teachers will use various instructional techniques to engage student interest and maximize individual learning within a group teaching environment.

PAC Teachers

The staff and teachers at Princeton Academy of Canada are caring, highly qualified and experienced. Most teachers have master's and doctoral degrees, and all are certified with the Ontario College of Teachers. Teachers at Princeton Academy of Canada teach beyond the course material and help students understand all concepts using a variety of methods and techniques. Students will be taught to learn independently and how to comprehend the material.

School Year and Semester Structure

Princeton Academy of Canada seeks to make use of all the advantages that the Ontario education system provides. PAC follows the semester system, with two semesters and two terms each year. They are as follows: Fall Semester (September to December), Winter Semester (January to April), Spring Term (May to June) and Summer Term (July to August). A student with a strong academic background can complete the university preparatory courses (at least six Grade 12 courses) in about six months. Essentially, this saves students time and allows them to enter university/college earlier than students in public schools.